About us

Welcome to Tastyplan! As five students who struggle with creating a weekly meal plan consisting of tasty, quick and easy recipes, we were determined to simplify the process. No longer facing the hassle of contemplating what required groceries to buy. The solution: TastyPlan. Say goodbye to the stress of figuring out what to cook each week and enjoy the convenience of a personalized meal plan.

Our goal is to tackle the challenges of meal planning and help people effortlessly enjoy healthy and delicious meals. Powered by artificial intelligence, Tastyplan offers personalized and flexible meal planning tailored to individual preferences, allergies, and schedules. With our extensive database of mouth-watering recipes, you'll never run out of inspiration. Our application also creates a shopping list, which can be categorized into food groups to shop most efficiently. TastyPlan supports its users throughout the entire process, from planning over shopping to cooking diverse and simple recipes.

Combining our passion for technology and culinary arts, we are thrilled to create an intuitive and practical platform with Tastyplan. Our aim is to simplify the meal planning process and provide a seamless user experience. We hope that Tastyplan will alleviate the stress of meal planning while opening up a world of culinary possibilities.

We invite you to try out Tastyplan and join us in the journey of transforming meal planning into an easy and delightful experience. Together, let's conquer the question of what to eat and savor every bite!

Meet the Team

Idea, Concept and Development

Markus Fichtner

Carolin Doht

Manuel Proß

Tabea Schaeffer

Hannes Eckelt

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Email: contact@tastyplan.de